Refined accessories make the outfit. Everything falls or rises with the right ones.

All our ties are hand-made, and rolled by hand at the ends. They are 3, 5 or 7-folds. The 7-fold is the ultimate as it doesn’t need a lining, because the fabric itselfs gives it its volume. It is only natural that only the best silk, wool or cashmere are used.

Same goes for our pocket squares. Made from the finest linnen or best silk. And also ‘made in Italy’ as they are produced in Como.

The croco accessories are made from the best croco. The best fitting part of the skin is selected for our belts and other leather goods.

The umbrellas originate from the world famous atelier of Francesco Maglia in Milan, where, since 1854, using only traditional methods, the best umbrellas in the world are produced, and untill today, still by hand.


Do you want to complement your suit with refined, italian accessoires?

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